Sunday, December 20, 2009

Flower - Sarracenia

Sarracenia flower - 18 Nov 09

William's Red

William's Red - Red Peristome

William's Red
Basal Rosette - 6 Dec 09

William's Red
Basal Rosette - 3 Nov 09

Postcards from Hong Kong

View of Hong Kong island

Promenade - Stanley Market

Herbs and Flowers for sale in Stanley Market

Flowers on Alcatraz Island

During my recent trip to San Francisco, I had the pleasure of enjoying a few flowers and succulents on the short walk up the hill on Alcatraz Island. Unfortunately, the weather did not hold out for a walk on the Agave trail...

View of Alcatraz Island from the ferry

Flowers on Alcatraz Island

Succulents on Alcatraz Island

View of San Francisco from across the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Monday, November 2, 2009

Begonia - U400


Two New Pots of Cephs

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of sharing my joy of gardening and plant shopping with one of my neighbours. Whilst at the nursery, I couldn't resist picking up two pots of cephalotus.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Love the fragrance of the frangipani flower.

11 Oct 2009 - Gorgeous foliage


Basals have developed in the William's Red ampullaria pot!! I can't wait to see a rosette being formed. Basal rosettes are, to me, one of the key attractions of growing nepenthes. I just cannot get enough of pitchers popping up from their growing media.

17 Oct 2009

17 Oct 2009

garden - October 2009 update

Snapshot of the garden in October 2009. Of significance are the departure of a flourishing pot of thyme as well as a pot of mottled red coleus.

17 Oct 2009 - Backyard

17 Oct 2009 - This caladium remained small for awhile and has recently been on a growth spurt.

17 Oct 2009 - This caladium has finally regained its colours after I held back on watering for three days.

17 Oct 2009 - Alocasia x Amazonica

17 Oct 2009 - Episcia 'War Paint' cutting

17 Oct 2009

17 Oct 2009

17 Oct 2009

17 Oct 2009 - Iron Cross

17 Oct 2009 - 'Oil Painting' - with more leaves

17 Oct 2009 - Sweet Basil leaning towards the sunlight

17 Oct 2009 - the Hi Lo Beauty has put out an even bigger leaf than before.

17 Oct 2009 - These caladiums went dormant for awhile and are now back with new leaves.

17 Oct 2009 - Mini Portulaca - flowering


I was starting to miss the multiple blooms on the periwinkle, which had suffered a trimming earlier this month. Over the weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to see a new bloom and a few other buds.
17 Oct 2009 - Periwinkle

17 Oct 2009 - Periwinkle

Live Sphagnum Moss

About 3 months after these live sphagnum moss were brought into my backyard, they are slowly finding their grounds and creeping out of their pots...

17 Oct 2009 - Live Sphagnum moss co-existing with the hookeriana

17 Oct 2009 - Live Sphagnum in hookeriana pot

17 Oct 2009 - Live Sphagnum Moss in N. Viking pot

17 Oct 2009 - Live Sphagnum Moss in another N. Viking pot